Meet the Team

Mark Yaravitz

Mark Yaravitz is a 42 year Taos resident with extensive experience in real estate acquisition and development. He has developed and executed: five full size residential subdivision and multiple summary subdivision, including 3 Planned Unit Developments; master planning annexation with zone changes; lot line adjustments; family transfers; property tax protests; and more. He has a keen eye for acquiring prime pieces and undervalued parcels of real estate. Mark knows the ins-and-outs of the Town and County zoning regulations, helping prospective buyers get exactly what they want from the land they intend to purchase.

Mark is a husband and father of two, with his Masters in Business Administration. Mark has made many a deal on the ski lifts between glorious runs at Taos Ski Valley. You can often find him hopping in and out of unknown runs, but good luck catching this veteran skier!

While he is a developer, Mark is dedicated to keeping Taos the sought-after gem that it has been for centuries. Contact this left-handed, right-minded real estate consultant to help with your Taos development needs.


Betty Sanger


Betty Sanger moved to Taos in 1980 with experience in residential and commercial property management. For many years Betty managed her own properties, and since 1996 has been licensed as a realtor, specializing in all aspects of property management.

Crossroads Realty offers full services in the management of long term rental properties, primarily residential, including single and multi-unit properties. Our services begin with procurement of a qualified tenant, and most important, assurance that the property will be fully maintained. Betty has a full management team including handyman, plumbers, electricians, as we all construction repair services.

Betty offers full brokerage services, including the buying and selling of residential real estate. Taos has been home to Betty and her family for almost 40 years. Contact Betty for all of your property management needs.